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Originally Posted by SteelCityKing View Post
so, incase you didn't know anything about me, i am a tattoo artist during the day and to make that solid money on a regular basis when days are slow, i work at *shudder* Walmart at night. i do overnight stock. with that job comes alot of sneak peeks at the goodies coming out this holiday season. sadly, i have no clue what the hottest toy of the year is either. haha!

anyways, i noticed ever since Mountain Dew put out decorated metal bottles that Coke hopped on the bandwagon and Pepsi now has bottles out too. well, these bottles happen to feature certain NFL players: Steven Jackson, Tony Romo, Laurence Maroney, Maurice Jones-Drew, Plaxico Burress, Antonio Cromartie.

laugh now, but i'm serious. haha!

so, i asked the overnight Pepsi stockers, "bro, where are the Steelers bottles?" he said, "sorry man, they don't make them." my jaw dropped and it really pissed me off because i instantly thought to myself...what a crappy line up to be featured on Pepsi bottles!? Burress? Maroney? ROMO!? come on guys!!! you can't throw ANY Black and Gold love on your damn bottles!? i can't believe of all people...PEPSI...are Steeler haters! well, good thing i like Cherry Coke...jerkoffs! =)
That's because the Steelers market with a better company - Coca Cola!!!

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