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Originally Posted by SteelCityKing View Post
Madden games are getting ALOT harder and sort of a waste of time to play. it's like you have to have six thumbs to even get the game going in your direction! haha!

i have a thing called "Madden F*ckery!" it's a phenomenon in which no matter how hard you try, the opponent ALWAYS scores and makes some ungodly comeback to rub it in your face. plus, it's impossible to block punts and rush for over 200 yards and have under 30 carries. -- the games aren't getting BETTER...they're getting more realistic and it's retardedly (is that a word?) harder.

i dunno...i'm sort of over playing Madden. give me Metal Gear Solid or Gears of War anyday. =)
i was thinking what steelpride was thinking... i'm not trying to be a dick here.. but it seems to me when u said bout the opp always scoring and coming back.. that u just suck horribly at the game... i hqve been playing madden since 94 on the sega... but with the newer ones they are getting better...

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