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Default My trip to the Hines Ward show

Please excuse the crappy cell phone pix...

I put this in this forum, b/c there are some snippets pertaining to the steelers currently... rather than in fan experience forum.. mods feel free to move it if you don't feel the snippets are relevant enough.

So my best friend and I are chatting yesterday afternoon after the pro-bowl annoncement, and she mentions that the "Hines Ward Show" is taping tonight... so, at 4:35 in the afternoon we decide we are going to go. I leave work a little early, head home & get all my Steeler gear on, dressing for cold weather, as we thought that it was going to be taped in the "great hall" at the stadium, which isn't a fully enclosed area. I call my husband (who is out of town for work), and he suggests I wear his Hines Ward Jersey instead of my usual James Farrior jersey, just in case I can get it signed. So, after layering up, and getting my gear, I head out of the house around 5:20ish to make the drive from Zelienople to Pittsburgh to pickup my friend (who is in Bloomfield) and go to the Stadium.. oh.. and the weather was really crappy, sleety-snowy-rainy mix...

The TV and the website said doors open at 6:30 PM & they would be taping two shows, one at 7:30 & one at 8:30. So we get down to the stadium around 6:15 (had to park in the general robinson garage).. and we discover from where the people are standing that the show is not going to be taped in the great hall, but in the lounge... which was great news since the lounge is a regular indoor area.. and it was cold out. At that point it was drizzling very cold rain... there were about 20 people in line ahead of us, and by the time they let us in (around 6:45 actually) there were probably another 40 behind us. It cost $5 to get in. While waiting in line, Hines & Tunch Ilkin both walked by us & into the building.

So, we get up to the lounge & they have a bunch of chairs set up & all the rows right up front have pieces of paper on the rows reserving them for various groups (corporations mostly). We got nice seats just back from that.. they had a band playing, and it was a festive atmosphere. We took our seats & my friend went to the concession stand & got us a couple of beers (bud light @ $6.25 for 16 ounces).

We quickly learned that they were doing "Steelers Huddle" on WDVE right there & then with Tunch Ilkin interviewing Hines Ward & LaMarr Woodley... BONUS! That was actually the most "informative" part of the night, they talked about the past Ravens game (Hines said he was smack talking the whole way down on that 92 yard drive). They talked about the upcoming game. They talked about cell phones & texting (since Hines & Lamarr BOTH were texting when the other one was being interviewed by Tunch)... Hines also said he had just got a text saying that Lamarr was going to be on the cover of the next Sports Illustrated standing over Joe Flacco. They talked about christmas, and overall, it was a pretty interesting segment. During commercial breaks, they allowed kids to come up & get autographs.

Here is a pix from that segment:

So, that finishes up, and they start getting ready to tape the "Hines Ward" show.. they tell us Carey Davis & Larry Foote are running late... and to please be patient... I didn't care - I had nachos & beer! In the meantime, the band is playing (I don't know the name of the band, but they are really quite good)... and they say the lead guitar guy wrote a new song last night & they are gonna try it out.. it was a cover of "Johnny be good".. .but with a Steelers twist.... It ended up being a really good song, with the chorus being "go Steelers go, go"... and he had references to the offense & defense & everything in it... very well done and catchy. They said they are going to record it tuesday & submit it to DVE to be played.... so, I'm sure we will be hearing it next week before the Brownies game.

Due to the inclement weather, there were a lot of no-shows for the reserved section seating, so before the Hines Ward show taping, they removed the reserved signs & told us we could move up.. which we did.. which was great... I got a end seat right on the aisle where they walk up to the stage. The guy from KDKA (forget his name, not Bob Pompienni, but the other guy) told us that we needed to be "extra loud" since there was a much smaller crowd than usual due to the bad weather. My friend suggested free beer, but he wasn't going for that. LOL. Also, while we were waiting for Carey Davis to show up, Hines apologized, and offered to field questions from the audience... which ended up being only one question before Carey showed up... I must say, Hines seemed like a really cool, nice, fun-spirited guy. He smiled a lot & joked around a lot & was nothing but nice to everyone there.

So... the taping started... we had to yell & scream a lot.. They taped two shows, the first with Carey Davis as the guest... and the second with Larry Foote. It was fun, they did a little interview with the guest , then a Q&A segment (with questions that had been emailed in), followed by a contest between Hines & his guest... followed by a short cooking segment.. then the end.

picture of Bob P, Hines & Carey Davis

Overall, it was a really fun time... I thought I'd post my experience, so if folks consider going, they know what to expect.... oh, and a good family event too... lots of kids there.

Some other snippets I got from the evening
- Bob P. asked the audience who we would "least" like to match up against in the first round... my friend & I both said the Ravens... he said the thought we would have the most trouble with the Colts
- Hines & Larry Foote both said that they would prefer to be at home for the playoff games. Larry specifically felt that it helped the defense.
- Lamarr kept picking on Hines for the dropped passes in the Cowboys game... it was pretty funny.. Hines took it well.
- Hines believes our offense is going to build on that final drive they had in the Ravens game & that the offense is going to really start stepping up...
- Hines is a big fan of the movie the Christmas story & the joke then became (in reference to the BB gun in the movie) "You'll shoot your thigh out"... that got a big laugh.

Pix of me & my friend (I'm on the right)... keep an eye out for me on the show... it airs this Saturday & next Saturday at 11:30 PM on KDKA:

oh, and that is Larry Foote in the the green & yellow shirt.

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