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Originally Posted by SteelCityKing View Post
haha! both of you can go to hell. i take pride in my Madden skills...or lackthereof! haha! i was just saying, they're making it so realistic that it harder...or maybe i just don't waste my life away playing video games all day long. i waste my life talking to you two dipshits on message boards! HAHA! i'm kidding...

...i do suck at Madden. you're right. haha!
y do u think that 4 ppl to be good at something, they have to "waste" there life playing video games all day? i play video games maybe an hr or 2 a week b/c of school and work... idk but 4 me as soon as a pick-up a game i like or w/e i'm alrdy good

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