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Default Re: Im coming to the Burgh.... HELP PLEASE

Originally Posted by duce1507 View Post
Hello All:

I'm new to the forum and I think it is so cool. I have read so much excellent information so far. My name is Shane and I have been a steelers fan since I was in diapers. I live in Wyoming now and am originally from Denver, (Broncos Suck!!!) I'm happy to say I have purchased tickets to the 1st playoff game. I am so excited!. I have been to 4 steelers games throughout the years (I always go when they play denver) but I have never been to Pittsburgh. I have a few questions for some of you veterans out there:

1.) First of all, I am staying either at the Hyatt at the airport, or at the Crowne Plaza near the airport. Which would you guys recomend?

2.) I am wondering how much taxi fare is around the city, and will it be difficult to get a taxi on game day?

3.) My seat is in section 132 row Q seat 13. Is this a good seat or should I try and sell mine for a different one. I want to have as good a seat I can since im not sure when I will get the chance to get back to the Burgh.

4.) Any other suggestions for my trip would be greatly appreciated!

1.) No Suggestion on the hotel. If you want one close to the Stadium, there is a marriot across from PNC Park, and a Shearaton in Station Sqaure(You'll be able to take the Gateway Clipper to the game).

2.)Cars such as Taxi's as far as I am aware are NOT allowed in the area around game time. You CAN take the PAT Bus to the stadium though. If you can get within the general area, you can walk from the Clemente Bridge over to the stadium.

3.) DON'T SELL THE SEATS!! They're great.

4.) Stop by Jerome's Restaurant. They make great Food.

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