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Default Re: Im coming to the Burgh.... HELP PLEASE

Originally Posted by duce1507 View Post
Hello All:

I'm new to the forum and I think it is so cool. I have read so much excellent information so far. My name is Shane and I have been a steelers fan since I was in diapers. I live in Wyoming now and am originally from Denver, (Broncos Suck!!!) I'm happy to say I have purchased tickets to the 1st playoff game. I am so excited!. I have been to 4 steelers games throughout the years (I always go when they play denver) but I have never been to Pittsburgh. I have a few questions for some of you veterans out there:

1.) First of all, I am staying either at the Hyatt at the airport, or at the Crowne Plaza near the airport. Which would you guys recomend?

2.) I am wondering how much taxi fare is around the city, and will it be difficult to get a taxi on game day?

3.) My seat is in section 132 row Q seat 13. Is this a good seat or should I try and sell mine for a different one. I want to have as good a seat I can since im not sure when I will get the chance to get back to the Burgh.

4.) Any other suggestions for my trip would be greatly appreciated!

1) They're both nice hotels, but as you know outside of the city. The Hyatt connects direct to the people mover at the airport so it's incredibly convenient. However, it only takes a few minutes to the Crowne Plaza on the shuttle. Really doesn't matter much either way. You're a bit more 'trapped' at the airport at the Hyatt.
2) The city of Pittsburgh is geographically very small. You don't need a taxi 'around the city'. Just get a taxi or shuttle from the airport and have them drop you off downtown or Station Square. You can walk from downtown or take the Gateway Clipper (a giant riverboat) from Station Square to the stadium. There's a ton of construction adjacent to the stadium so you're better off walking from town.
3) Seats are great, keep 'em. Besides, you can walk around if you want a different view. A lot of people stand on the spiral walkways in the south side (scoreboard side) of the stadium. Also there is a standing room only directly behind the south end zone. I wouldn't recommend watching the game from there, but you want to check it out during pregame.
4) +1 on the suggestion of Primanti's. It's 'authentic' Pittsburgh. The original one is in the strip district which is just outside of downtown. Bettis' is OK but IMO it's lacking character. Sure it has a lot of Steelers stuff on the walls, but most Pittsburghers have never even been there. It's a fine restaurant but not particularly unique (other than the bathrooms which have 1-way glass at the urinals. Pretty weird).

Feel free to ask people what they'd recommend once you get here. Everyone here is extremely friendly and would gladly help. Seriously. It's one of Pittsburgh's greatest qualities.

Also, you cannot leave without going to Mt. Washington. I don't know of any other city in the country with that view.

Science Center is good, but it's closed on gameday. Museum is in the Oakland section of town (3 miles east of the city) where Univ. of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University are both located. It has one of the world's premier dinosaur collections.

Have fun and dress warm.

"Act Like You've Been There."
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