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Default Re: Im coming to the Burgh.... HELP PLEASE

Originally Posted by Pi Kapp Steeler View Post
Hey guys , Im new to the website and i love it. I am from Jersy and I will be going to see the Steeler play in da Burgh for the first time ever. I felt like I have seen them everywhere else, atlanta, carolina, new jersey, washington.

A few years ago me and my friend got tickets to the January 1st , jerome bettis last game at pitt. AKA the superbowl run. But unfortunately on the penn turnpike i got in an accident where i should have died. The car spun and flipded and it is a miracle that me and my friend are alive today. We didnt even have a scratch on us , and with death the car looking like it got in a fight with Optimus Prime, i still wanted to try to make it pittsburh. Everytime I watch the steelers superbowl season video i fast foward past that game.

But now i have a second chance to go see them and I am profanityfilterprofanityfilterprofanityfilterprofa nityfiltering ready!! My girlfriends friend lives in pitt and has season tickets and is granting me one. I AM FLYING to the last game on the 28th vs the browns. Wish me luck.

Just wanted to tell my story and also wanted to know all the hot spots for resuraunts and bars.

God bless

What Part of Jersey? glad to hear that youre still alive, I have some pics on the media section, A tractor trailer flipped on the entrance to the Pike, pretty scary since I heard a massive thud before making the right turn.

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