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Default Re: hot list of head-coach candidates from the assistant ranks

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post

due to "belichick regret" they have already failed trying to catch falling swords once (romeo). i'd love to see them do it again (another scrub patriots assistant- mcdaniels).

after all, charlie weiss did wonders for brady quinns career and has returned notre dame to...

he has resurrected that franchise to...

well, notre dame pretty much sucks.

as for cowher/shottenheimer, john riggins made a great point today. the browns need somebody to turn their franchise around (ala bill parcells, who turned around the giants, patriots, jets, and now dolphins).

his point was that shotty was a better fit than cowher, because, like parcells, marty is a "professional turner a rounder".

marty turned around the browns, chiefs, almost washington, and san diego.

who has cowher turned around? sure, he brought pittsburgh back to the playoffs and elite franchise status, but its not like the steelers needed "turning around". its not like they were turning in 2-14, 3-13, 4-12 seasons year after year.

Good points about McDaniels, hence why he's not my top choice as the new coach..But I think its rather slim pickens for us if Marty and Cowher both decline it.

Do agree with you and John Riggins about Marty, though I do want Cowher as our head man first and fore-most, I think having Marty back in any capacity would do wonders for the franchise. The only thing is..He can't get the "gleam". But for now, contending for the division and auctually making the playoffs seem better than just sitting around and waiting for draft day.

The dream scenario us Browns fans are all holding out for is, Bill getting the head coaching job and hiring Marty as the GM or some Front office gig, and Bernie Kosar auctually running the franchise business side of things.
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