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Originally Posted by SteelCityKing View Post
haha! both of you can go to hell. i take pride in my Madden skills...or lackthereof! haha! i was just saying, they're making it so realistic that it harder...or maybe i just don't waste my life away playing video games all day long. i waste my life talking to you two dipshits on message boards! HAHA! i'm kidding...

...i do suck at Madden. you're right. haha!

Actually...if we are talking Madden experience, I played the original on the PC back in, 89' I think?

Anyway, I was great at Madden in HS and college, and even in my 20's...the games look pretty now, but they are more difficult to master if you don't have the time to play them. I don't anymore, so I stay away from online games and play on normal difficulty. The wife starts giving me the evil eye if I start delving into more then 2 hours of continuous play these days!

I do notice that the "fun" part of playing Madden is lower for me then it was, oh, pre 2001. They look better and have more features, but, I don't know, maybe it's just that I am getting older and losing interest.

I think the best NFL video game fun I had last was with 2k5 on the Xbox...that was a fun game to play.

NCAA games are still fun. Not sure what it is about the Madden games, though. I tend to think Madden's Golden Era was like 95 to 98.

Does anyone remember how fun Super Techmo Bowl was to play? That game rocked and it had two buttons and like 4 plays!

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