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Default Re: Calling all Steeler Fans in New England

Originally Posted by SteelersFaninMA
You must have read my mind, I agree 100%. I was born here 36 years ago, and I have been a die hard Steelers fan since I came out of the womb. The Pats were on the verge of moving in 1994 or so, and in steps Robert Kraft to hire Parcells to SAVE this franchise from St Louis. Nobody cared when the Pats were losing, and it makes me sick to hear that this is the greatest team in history. Such front runners it makes me sick, and if it were not for instant replay....There probably would be no dynasty(remember the tuck rule?).


WRONG. so what explains all the sellouts from 1994 to 2001 if it took "winning a Super Bowl" I agree its a franchise that floundered for many years, I felt I was part of a cult for being a Patriots fan from 1975 thru 1993, but once Kraft bought the team and provided local stability and the fans realized with Parcells and Bledsoe there hope for something, the mania began.

Besides, when did the Steeler craze start? Um, around 1972 when THEY became great.

so dont exaggerate the "bandwagon" thing. it exists to an extent, but not like revisionist who want to ignore 1994 thru 2001 make it out to be.

by the way Cape Cod, was that janitor the usual type of pervert that Barnstable High School is so famous for hiring?
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