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[quote author=patsRgauranteed link=board=steelers;num=1106258734;start=0#1 date=01/20/05 at 17:33:33]I'd also like to dispel some myths:

Myth No. 1: The pittsburg rushing offense is much better that the Pats

Pit Avg 154 YPG with 4.0 YPA

NE Avg 133 YPG with 4.1 YPA

Myth No.2 Steeler's OL is much better that PATS (Partly discredited above)

NE allowed 26 sacks out of 485 attempts

Pitt allowed 36 sacks out 358 attempts

NE forced 45 sacks

and PIT forced 41.

looks like it will Big Ben eating dirt.[/quote]

Yeesh, when you look at it in black and white, the patsies do look like they have the edge. Help me out fellow fans, are we in trouble or what?
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