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Default coming from a bulldog

as a georgia fan who has seen or listened every college game that fred gibson played in here is my take. before my take, i called the pick this morning when i saw that he had not been drafted
freddy is sometimes the most disappointing player to watch, he tends to drop HUGE passes in big games...aka plax in the afc champion game
he tends to disappear in big games...for example the auburn game last year. zero catches..
coach richt - has had to bench him in the past because of lack of on the field success
does not appear to go 100% on every play
Good blocker
Ok speed, although we are loaded with team speed at linebacker U, its the SEC, so it may make him look a little slow
some days you love him, always thinking that this is the season he breaks out - some days you hate him - never had a breakout season in a pass first offense
Good person, he is from waycross georgia, choose to play at uga over florida on signing day..
good pick - tons of upside - hopefully hines will take him under his wing and he will come into his own as a steeler - another dog moving up to the pro team - too bad the bengals got odel thurman i was really hoping he would fall to the steelers - i think pullock may be overmatched at the pro level - the best bulldog was thomas davis - it would have been a dream to him and troy playing strong and weak safety
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