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Originally Posted by SteelCityKing View Post
honestly, i would REALLY like to know why the Dallas Cowboys are called "America's Team?" what the hell makes them more American than most of the NFL teams in the league? 5 Super Bowls? guess what, we got those too ESPN.

Jerry Jones probably paid ESPN $25 and a hotdog to say it atleast 15 times an hour. Jones is a tool. i hope he's living it up now, watching and waiting to see us take our 6th.
I remember when they were called "America's Most Wanted." Leon Lett, Michael Irvin, Nate Newton (and others) running afoul of the law.

It took the Steelers only six tries to get five SB wins. It took the Cowpies eight. Yet BSPN and others in the sports media continue to ride their bandwagon. I guess they have a special affinity for megalomaniacal team owner *jerryjonescough* .
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