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Default Re: Goin to see PITT at the Sun bowl

Originally Posted by tony hipchest View Post
oh yeah, el paso is real nice. especially right arount the utep stadium. it is so close to the rio grande you can almost spit across the "river" into one of the poorest most downtrodden parts of juarez, which also happens to be one of the most delapodated, third world nation, looking parts of all of mexico. pretty much cardboard houses and tents.

funny thing is the sun bowl is built right into the mountain, and not even 30 feet away from the stadium is a mock mine shaft that the students used to work/practice mining in (hence the school name utep miners).

it was "used" as a food and water dropoff point for all the donkeys (drug smugglers) who trekked their loads across the river and into the states.

the art director (art dept and museum is right next door) told me they cleaned it up quite a bit since the 80's but even when we went in, there was still plenty of evidence of aliens and smugglers still using it.
Isn't the game played at UTEP's Football Stadium???

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