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Default Re: Goin to see PITT at the Sun bowl


what an absolutely horrible football game. you'd like to say if you love defensive football this is what its all about, but it was more of just offensive ineptitude.

mccoy for pitt looked ok and #22 francis for the beavers had a few runs. both qb's pretty much sucked.

what is unfortunate is it seemed the best player on the entire field was #7 punter for osu (hekker?).

what is sad is the dude looked like a beast and he is a spitting image of napoleon dynamite!

he was booming perfect spiral punts into the wind, many of which couldnt be returned, were fair caught, or fell dead inside the 10 yd line.


a few highlights- it was the 75th anniversary of the sun bowl so i got a cool free hat.

they honored 75 past players who had good showings in the sun bowl. preist holmes was an honorary coin flipper or something, and they brought tony dorsett onto the field. the entire PITT side of the stadium erupted in applause and cheers. that was nice to see.

michael irvin was there as a spectator and walked through the crowd like a semi normal person.

i didnt have to walk too far for a smoke and could still see the jumbotron.

that was about it.

0- freaking 3

oh... and i get to be a part of "history" with the freaking village people.

no i didnt dance... ive never done the ymca and dont know the macarena.

heres to hoping pitt basketball does better this year....
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