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Default Re: Prayers needed

We aren't sure just what is happening, but Karen has had three treatments this week (she is off today) and is doing surprisingly well... An underlying uneasy feeling in her tummy - - but not enough to really cause problems.... They started a course of steroids to combat the brain swelling that has been causing headaches, and that is the only change, but we are wondering if that is what is making a difference...

She has had a little problem with 'plumbing' control, but that is one of the things that she has been warned about, and she has now taken to setting her alarm to remind her to visit the loo... That seems to be working too....

I think it might have something to do with her sister, Linda's, scheduled visit this week from Green Bay.... They are both really excited about it.... I don't blame them - - I am, too....

I know that this is probably too good to be true and it most likely won't last, but we will take and enjoy the good days while we can....

Keep 'em coming..... And thanks for the prayers that have been doing a good job so far.... Love you guys and gals....
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