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Default Re: Goin to see PITT at the Sun bowl

Originally Posted by steelersfanman92 View Post
My question is was it really that windy there? Because the horribly annoying anouncers were blaming everything on the wind.
no, not at all. i would call it a cool breeze. the announcers were probably just saying that because some army paratroopers were supposed to deliver the game ball but the jump was canceled because of the wind. i was suprised cause it didnt seem windy at all to me (of course the entire stadium is pretty much shielded by and built into the hills. it was announced the "winds" were about 10-15 mph.

fwiw, napoleon dynamite had 2 of his best and longest punts going into the "wind".

the problem was that neither qb could hit the broad side of a barn in even the most perfect conditions. there wasnt 1 pass completed in stride the entire day. it was like watching a high school championship game from a non-football state.

but the PITT band absolutely destroyed OSU (about half the size). osu's band pretty much sucked and almost seemed ashamed to be sharing the field with pitt.

and i hate to say it, or think this way, but i have to wonder if ANY black people even live in oregon. that had to be the whitest team, fanbase, band, cheerleading corps, i have ever seen (we sat on the visitors side).

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