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Default Re: 2008 Penn State Football Thread

Originally Posted by revefsreleets View Post
I disagree with the assessment that USC would finish 3rd in the Big 12 South. When they play to potential with motivation (as they did against OSU and PSU), they are as good as any team in the Country. Problem is that Carroll is too loosey-goosey and lackadaisical and they ALWAYS slack off for a game or two a year. That defense is spectacular...I was surprised PSU hung 24 on them, considering they only gave up what? 58 points in the other 12 games they played?

All in all, no surprises...USC was the superior team and it would have taken a Trojan hangover for the Lions to pull the upset. As for the BIg 10, not a great showing so far. Northwestern and MSU surprised because both were clearly overmatched on paper in their bowl games but both put in good appearances. Iowa surprised. Wisconsin puked out bad. Now it's up to OSU to pull the upset.
The jury is out with me.

I still don't think USC saw the real Penn State team yesterday for the entire game. it sickens me, but on the bright side, they at least tried to fight back.

Originally Posted by lilyoder6 View Post
after watching the game last night and the past 2 yrs of osu in the NC.. i beginning to think that the month lay over is killing the big 10 teams here...

i mean psu avg 3 pen. a game and they had like 10 in the game which was effing huge.. depending on how osu does i think the big 10 needs to do something bout the month lay-over b/c obv it's affecting the teams when bowl time comes around
That will soon be removed. I think if not next year, then in 2010, the Big Ten's regular season ends the same week as Thanksgiving. I'm HIGHLY in favor of this rule. Although that may mean less kids going away for Thanksgiving.

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