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i dont know what the problem is there,I was asking to see if anyone out there may have insight about it,I liked larry coker,so i dont know if balme goes there,but i understand what you were saying about that.I thought he got a raw deal,and got ran out of town,just like glen mason did in minnesota.I mean the goal every season is to contend and go to a major bowl game and coker did that.But that last season was brutal as a canes fan,and this year wasnt much better.I think it was wrong to bench thier qb before thier bowl game.I have never understood,university's shooting themselves in the foot like that.I sure hope they do get better,its just strange to deal with this as they never had rebuilding season before,they were just good.And maybe i think alot of it is,they dont get the good players anymore.And maybe the coaching choice wasnt the best for the team as they dont seem to have the same offense they used to have there.Its just tough,when youre used to being a fan of one of the best teams in the country,and now they cant even win a no-name bowl game
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