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Default Re: Missed pick

Couple thoughts:

1)not a missed picked. Roth would not have been great value at the pick. Good pick but maybe something happens and he falls in round 2 like Miller did in round 1. Miller only fell cause of his injury. His size, speed, talent didn't change to much(like Clarrett running 4.8763957 or whatever in the 40). So if you have a chance to get a previous top ten pick on discount so much the better.

2)Now that you have him, make the most of it. Two passes a game(one of those being a throw away and the TE was the closest eligible receiver) does not warrant us taking him with the pick. Now use him to complete short sure passes on 1st down, use him to draw away deep middle coverage from Ward/El/Wilson/Gibson, use him in goal line/red zone. I can live and be very happy if he gets used like this. His stats don't have to match Gates or Tony G., but he just has to be a threat enough to be effective.
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