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Default Re: Pittsburgh Steelers breakfast cereal-

Originally Posted by lilyoder6 View Post
ppl being fat is there own choice.. there are SOME cases of thyroid problems but for the most part it is b/c they can't stop eating...

And being GAY is A CHOICE.. don't give me that BS that they were born gay.. there is no gay gene..

the reason it's wrong is b/c he DOES NOT HAVE A CHOICE TO HAVE IT OR NOT...

u have a choice to be fat, gay, smoke, thug, or w/e... the jokes are based on there choices not what they were dealt
Tell that to a gay person. You see, this is my whole point, it's a matter of opinion. When you enter a rated "R" movie, you understand that you could be subjected to mature themes. When you go see Chris Rock at a comedy show, you accept that you may hear some crude white/black jokes. But you made the decision to go to the show. Nobody made you go. It's the same thing when you come into the Blast Furnace. You choose to come in here. And you know some crazy shit will prolly be said. So the mods should either let what's said be said, or shut the whole thing down. How many times have you called someone a retard? I find that highly offensive, but if it's said in here and I know stuff like that goes on. Do I really have a right to whine about it? Didn't I choose to read what's said in here? It's hypocrisy at its highest level.

"Football is a physical game, or at least it used to be" -Mel Blount
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