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Default Re: Prayers needed

Karen's week had some ups and downs... For the most part, I think that we were expecting more severe side effects, and we are thankful that the discomfort and ill feelings aren't debilitating so far... The nausea has been under control - - they added steroids to her treatments to keep the brain swelling down somewhat - - we determined that a lot of the headaches caused by the swelling were making the nausea worse... She says that she gets a closing up feeling in her throat a lot of the time, but she hasn't gone into the full-blown nausea of the first week....

They did a repositioning on Friday so that they can attack "Basil and the Blips" from a different angle... We decided that Basil got po'd at this and Karen has had random severe and fleeting back and leg pains as a result....

My older daughter will be in from Green Bay this week - - and she is happy to be here for the playoff game on Sunday - - we have a party set up for our local group of avid Steelers fans - - can't wait for that.... I have to give my granddaughter her birthday present a couple of weeks early - - a brand new Polamalu jersey!!!!! She will love it!!!!

Karen had planned to shave her head on New Year's day, but outside of some scalp uneasiness, she hasn't been bothered by handfuls of hair yet - - they say that hits after 10 treatments - - this week will cross that.... They say that you might as well shave since the hair loss is a very visible and scary result of the treatment.... And I think that if Linda and I go and hold her hand, it might help.....

Keep 'em coming - - I know that all of the prayers and positive thoughts do help.....

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