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there you go steel head,thats much better....see you shouldnt have been so fast to just trash talk, cause this makes alot of sense,as its almost what i was thinking,michigan is a perfect examplei guess the canes never had to go through this,as like i said,they were always just good......its like there was never a doubt they would be in a bcs bowl game......and i agree,alot of kids can just go anywhere and be on tv,where it used to be you had to go to the big schools to be on tv,now even the smallest colleges are getting on tv.....they dont seem to keep alot of thier instate talent like they used to....problem is,recruits dont want to go to a rebuliding program/school,they want to go to a "now" winning team like texas,usc,florida-when was the last time any of these teams had a rebulding season......its just frustrating being a canes fan.....
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Sorry, Didn't read that part. All programs go through their ups and downs. Look at Mich. I think every good player in Fla. use to go to one of the big three.(Fla, Fla. St. Mia.) I think more and more players are leaving the state to play elsewhere.
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