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Last time you drafted from this position you still have 7 of the 8 guys still on the roster. Is it reasonable to think everyone can make the team or are there too many other factors involved?

Coach Cowher: It can be duplicated. I don?t want to go in with any preconceived thoughts about it. When you look at the players we took, we took football players. No other example than Rian Wallace to be honest with you. He is sitting there and we need a linebacker, but he is a good football player. We stuck to the board and they will have chance to come in here and compete. The one thing we did not want to get away from was, I don?t want to say reach, but try to fill a position before they need to be filled, by bypassing a good football player. I think that remains to be seen. The players we brought in were productive. We feel good about them as people regardless of some of the issues. We don?t want people kicking people or getting in fights, I know each one of those situations. They have been addressed and will be addressed in the future. They know how we play the game here, but at the same time we want competitive people. I like people that play the game with passion. It has to be trusted in the right way and we will do that because I think they will be surrounded by good people. I think we have a good veteran group that will allow this young group come in and understand what the expectation level is for our football team. When they step on the field wearing the black and gold they will know what that means. What they do with that opportunity will be up to them. There is no preconceived thoughts about the roster, there are no preconceived thoughts of these guys as players. We like what they have done to this point, but everyone is starting over once they come into this mini-camp and once we get into training camp it starts over again because that is when the pads are on. We won?t pass too many judgments on these guys when they run around here in shorts for the month of May. We will have a chance to get a first impression. When we get to Latrobe the competition will really start.

Will Bryant McFadden have a chance to win a starting job?

Coach Cowher: It might be unrealistic initially to say that, but I don?t want to rule anything out. We will see how it unfolds. I know he is a smart kid. I know how he plays. He fits what we like to do and he has played at a high level. He has been exposed to a lot of good players, but we will see.

They seem happy about the draft, I just don't understand why BC acted like that about Ben???
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