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Default Re: Trusted Ebay sellers' list?

I just bought a Farrior All-Stitch Home jersey from wrens79.

The jersey came today. The delivery was prompt (impeded by the New Year). The price was also reasonable.

I can only assume that it is a knock-off since I got it for 46.00 plus 6 or 7 shipping from Minn. The jersey is quality, however, for (again) a knock-off.

I had a jersey just like it and with extensive washing the threading became a little shabby looking. For the value, however, I got my money's worth.

The jersey looks great, and I will wear it with pride. I wouldn't have bought it normally (I try to get stuff directly from the Steelers now), but I can't complain.

If that's what you are looking for, I would highly suggest this seller.

There are two minor flaws. I apoligize for the TERRIBLE picture phone quality, but you get the idea. (It was easier than finding the cord for my digital camera).

The logo has a minor sewing blunder in the bottom right corner. It isn't painfully glaring, however.

The top of the 5 and the 1 are not parallel, but, to be honest, you can't tell when I have it on. You can see the logo in the corner of the photo. I don't think it's too obvious. Again, I got what I paid for.

Ya. It's backward... Use your imagination. Also, ignore the intense concentration... I'm hungover, and my camera phone requires a very steady hand.

EDIT: I realize that this entire post goes against the purpose of thread (to find AUTHENTIC Steelers dealers), but it's an EBay purchase nonetheless...
Mad props to Steel-Bryan for the Bucco sig.

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