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I am definatly not a Miami fan, and I don't consider what I am about to say as being a hater.

Miami has a very bad reputation, you don't get the nickname "Thug U" for nothing.

Butch Davis never held the kids responsible for anything outside of football, and I don't think Coker really did either.

Randy Shannon on the other hand doesn't want the trouble makers and expects his players to be accountable for their actions on the field and to actually go to and do well in class.

So the kids that expected an easy ride to the NFL aren't happy and have left or will leave.

Also, the Florida kids have realized that they don't have to be backups at Miami, FSU, or Florida...they can go to schools outside of the state and start. So those three no longer hoard all that Florida high school talent.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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