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Default Re: Chargers don't scare me.

Originally Posted by stlrtruck View Post
I've seen my fair share of chargers s thinking the bolts are going to have an easy time with the Steelers. So exactly what did you think you were going to find on a Steelers board?
Of course, every teams/forums have their share of homers but trust me when I tell you any Charger homer fan who thinks that the Chargers are going to "blow out" the Steelers has been given a 'what the hell u talking about' look. I do expect the fans for both teams to be confident. But when I see threads that talk about how the Steelers rather play Tits or BlueBirds (i.e looking ahead) makes me wonder.

But I digress. I don't think anyone is under estimating the bolts at this point. The fact that they have been playing playoff football for 5 weeks now makes them a dangerous team. Their defense is their strong point and their offense while not hitting on all cylinders is definitely a threat. However, the Steelers still have the #1 ranked defense and are a beast of a different kind. Fans point at the refs about the last game but I hope that the refs stick to the major penalties and let these two teams go at it for 60 minutes. I'd hate to see the refs ruin a good game.

The problem for the chargers, from my perspective, is that they just played a very emotional game against the colts and an OT game at that. They also get to fly across country and play away from home where they are 3-5 on the year. If you think the game earlier was loud - you haven't seen playoff football in Pittsburgh!

I don't believe the game will be easy but what I see is the Steelers defense leading the way for Ben to manage the game and making Rivers life a living hell. chargers fans mention that this is not the same team we faced a few weeks ago but they want to ignore the fact that neither is this Steelers team.

Here's to a good game One that the Steelers win on a Polamalu INT for 6

Steelers - 24
bolts - 13
All good points... except when it comes to the score. I don't see anyone winning by that big of a margin.
Also, in all the years that I've watched the Chargers, I've never seen a Charger team make such a turn around so late in the season. A lot of the Steeler fans are saying how even Miami beat SD. Yeah, its true but this wasn't a 1-15 team that made a miraculous turn around in year (talking about Miami). This is talented team that played in the AFC Championship game last year and was picked to play in SB by many. I can't explain why they start so bad but they always finish strong (13-0) in December the past 3 years.

No team, with the exception of the Colts, has improved in the 2nd half of the year more than the Chargers. The Steelers have been playing well all season. But as we all know, its how you are playing at the end of the season that matters most in the playoffs.
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