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oh,i love the nicknames people have for the "u"....thug u..thats funny,and calling them that isnt being a hater?doesnt sound like a compliment to me,.....but being a canes fan im used to it,when the canes used to play notre dame my friend called it the convicts vs the catholics.....its amazing to me that the "u" gets a bad name like this,and that fight,i believe there were fighting another team,so why does the canes get the black eye for it "pr" wise then,what are they suppose to do let a team beat them down like that............well i think they should get back to the days of butch davis and coker and even more jimmy johnson-let them out and play thier game,that coach now has taken the fun out of it,and thats why i think the kids dont want to go there,they want to have fun,not be hounded over.I mean come on,he yelled at his players for celebrating a touchdown during a game,its canes football,the home of trash talking.....i know its not just about the football,and youre also a student but i think hes getting over board with it.
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