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Default Re: Congrats Utah----National Champs

Utah won one game this year of any real merit, and that was against Alabama, and I guarantee that was mostly because the Tide didn't take them seriously. In the Big 12 they'd have lost to TT, Texas and Oklahoma, and maybe Missouri and Okie State. In the SEC they'd have lost to LSU, Florida, and probably Ole Miss and Georgia. In the Big Ten they'd have lost to Iowa, OSU and PSU.

They are a pretty good, top 25 football team, but they are NOT NC material. If there was a playoff, they'd be eliminated. But the BCS sucks, so give them a share. It's what we deserve for having such a crappy system. Hell, I say let it be a 4-way, Texas, Utah, USC and the winner of the OU/UF game.
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