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Miami has an image problem because they created it themselves. Actually, the program has been pretty clean lately, but you can blame Howard Schnellenberger and Jimmy Johnson for recruiting players based on talent and talent alone, with no regard for character.

Miami is also a private school, so they can "adjust" their standards accordingly (I'm wlling to bet there were a lot of kids in the 80's who couldn't even read on the team), and they also handle issues "in-house", meaning there isn't much oversight. Finally, the program just kind of came out of nowhere in the 80's, so there is no tradition or history of excellence, no standard to live up to.

Like I said, they've been cleaner than a lot of other big programs lately, but it takes a long time to live down a bad rep, and that big fight set them back a few years. There is a definite sign that they have turned things around: OSU scheduled a home/home series with them, and the Buckeyes would NOT have done that even 10 years ago, since it would be legitimizing a seemingly illegitimate program.
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