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Default Question Re: Parking @/Around Heinz Field

Hey ya'll! I'm going to be coming to the game this weekend, it'll be my first Steelers game since 1996 when I was a teenager. Needless to say it's also going to be my first game seen at Heinz Field, and needless to say I am absolutely friggin jacked.

The one question I have that I was hoping you all might be able to help me out with is about parking. I don't have a parking pass, and don't want to shell out the unGodly sums of money that people want for one either (the tickets cost enough as it is). I've been to a couple Pirates games at PNC within the last few years and I just parked in one of the various lots within a few blocks of the stadium, paid $10 or $20 and walked to the stadium. Can the same be done on Steelers game days? If not, what are the other options?

Thanks so much for your help!
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