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Originally Posted by Mamaduck43 View Post

Well tonight is the shaving party - - - today was a horrendous day - - she was in bad pain from some 'plumbing' problems and on top of that, after her shower this morning, she had noticeable hair loss - - not to the handful stage but enough that she decided not to wait until tomorrow when her sister flies in from Green Bay...... Her buddies from work are coming over - - armed with clippers and cameras and the deed will be done.... At least one of her co-workers will join her wonderful baldness..... I am tempted - - I have a super high forehead, and it would be neat to not have to worry about bangs for a while..... We shall see....

I do think that this is the lowest day she has had so far.... I was headed over to her house and she told me that she was going to curl up and nap - - so I stayed home and curled up and cried a lot..... This is most definitely the hardest thing I have ever encountered... The one saving grace is that if she is feeling so crummy, the tumor, "Basil" has got to be suffering, too.......

Keep 'em coming.....
Still praying - we are here on SF and care and love so very much.
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