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Originally Posted by touchdownward View Post
I agree completely Fins. I am a huge Georgia fan though. Stafford is projected to go high 1st round and will assuredly go to a crappy team with an even crappier O-line (of course that would happen next season too). He will be running for his life. My main reason is I think he needs that extra year to hone his mechanics.

Knowshon, on the other hand, is ready. Damn sure hate to see him go after only 2 seasons though. In his short time, he'd already broke some of Herschel's records and Walker played 3 before going to the USFL and waisting the best years of his career.

PS. Good luck tomorrow night, I'll be pullin' for dem Gators!

My prediction: It's a tight game for 3 quarters, but Florida's speed on defense takes over the game in the 4th.
Gators 35-24.
I'm pretty confident that the gators will win. I'm thinking 28-17.

I also didn't want Stafford to leave so the Gators D could have another game against him.
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