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Default Re: The Official F you Titans thread!!

Originally Posted by ccress83 View Post
[YOUTUBE][/YOUTUBE]You guys will love this There copying the terrible towel hardcore. Cant wait when we beat them in tennessee and can stomp on a real towel and not a fake knock off that lenDale white probably made at home. We got the chargers. Baltimore and Tennessee are gonna beat the hell out of each other and were gonna pick either one apart like a little kid picks legs off of a spider and watches it die....LOL HERE WE GO STEELERS HERE WE GO!!!!!!!
Hey at least they are doing the right thing and having proceeds go to a good charity, I respect that a lot.

I do find it amusing though that so many opposing fans use the phrase "who waves a towel anyway?" and other things to that effect and then so many other teams turn around and try to duplicate what the Steelers fans started.
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