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Default Re: Steelers Draft Review.......

I am sure if you asked Grimm........He would have nothing but good thing to say about Essex. I value our coaches opinions more than Brian Delucia. However, in Rian Wallace's video, he does look ugly when he Tackles.........I was waiting for a big hit, but they were just sloppy arm tackles or trips.

As far as Fred Gibson........It is true, he does not have the best hands. It is not like he has stone is more like butterfingers. He has got good hands in the sense that he will make great catches, amazing achrobatic catches, one-handers. I think sometimes he loses focus, or hears footsteps, or maybe just chokes and drops the ball....... Unfortunately it has often been in big games or on a big play.

I can live with a reciever who does not have "Wardlike" hands. Plax did not have the best hands. Infact, you will see that Fred Gibson is more coordinated than Plax(Gibson played BB for Georgia)and is an all-around athelete, and probably has better hands than Plax. He had a higher vertical, and they ran the about the same in the 40 yard dash. Gibson was a little bit faster and is said to run much faster on the field than he times. All we need Gibson to do is "go deep" he will catch a few of those, and the rest of the time he will open it up for Ward underneath.

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