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i dont care what u guys say its my opinion that i think the mike williams pick was one of the best in the draft

Charles rogers who missed 2 seasons str8 as a huge chance of getting injured again

Roy williams missed a couple games with injury so him and rogers arent 100% and they will have 3 excellent recievers in a rotation all getting breaks

all over 6 foot and great vertical leaps and no team has 3 corners that can cover 3 6 foot WR's that are top 10 caliber players. Then you get a great running game that helps joey harrington out. kevin jones got over 1,000 in the second half alone because he missed 6 games in the first half. that helps the long ball so much with play action and stuff.

you guys say they have no defense

They got shaun cody, Dre bly and fernando bryant missed half the season and dre bly still made the pro bowl and they should both be healthy. then u get teddy lehman who had an excellent rookie season and will only improve. Boss Bailey was on IR and is returning. Shaun rogers is a probowler and james hall was an alternate.

so, i dont know about u but i think lions are a play off team next year and yes i think they beat minnesota for the division

think im crazy but we'll have to see
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