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Default Re: Hey Titans trolls...

wow just look at those topics fire fisher cut or trade mcfatty white

titans fan on losing the game:

LenDale your Fat, your slow... BUH BYE!

Justin your hands do not repsond to your body, you suck... BUH BYE.

Alge Crumpler your fat you have had a great career, end it today, because i am done with you.

FISHER........ you cant get it done, Denver may have gotten right... should he go?

Of them all LOSE LENDALE PLEASE... he is WAAAAYYYY too slow and cannot hit the outside without the perfect blocks.


ratbird fan

I want to give the Titans credit for playing one heck of a game.
This was a knock down, drag out brawl of a game.
I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
With three tunovers and keeing it that close... you all have good reason to be proud.
It was the low scoring close game I expected it to be, and the only thing left to say is...

titan fan response

**** You

I Hope Your Entire Family Dies In A Horrible ****ing Accident And Your First Born Is Dead Upon Birth

they are such dirt bags anyway GO STEELERS!!!!!!
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