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Default Re: Hey Titans trolls...

Originally Posted by X-Terminator View Post
Ditto. In fact, if they do lose, I'm probably going to make myself scarce for a couple of days. I won't be able to deal with people "pulling a Tennessee" and going on and on about how much Ben/Willie/Arians/Tomlin suck and should be fired/benched/traded/burned at the stake.

I always did the same on the Steelers OMB....the negativity during and after all the games (even some of the ones we won) were worse than actually watching the Steelers lose I think lol.

No matter what happens tomorrow I'll still be proud of what the Steelers accomplished this year. No one gave them much of a chance to make it this far with all the odds that were against them, so that just gives me hope that next year will be better if we happen to lose.

Plus right now, I'm in more of a hole over the season the Pens are having. It's hard watching them decline like they have this year.
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