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Default Re: Hey Titans trolls...

Originally Posted by HometownGal View Post
!!! WOW - over a football game????

Sounds like that Black Jesus creton over at who wished death upon Cowher after the Steelers beat the Bungles in the 2005 playoffs.
Oh - it gets funnier...

I laugh

if i hear one damn ravens idiot say one damn thing to me out of line (in person) i will beat the living sh*t out of them.

also, we absolutely got screwed royally on the non calls. the refs should lose their damn jobs over that sh*t.

and another thing, i hope joe f*ckin flacco gets his neck snapped next week and dies horribly right there on the field and derrick mason along with those other MF azzholes suffer career ending injuries. f*ck the media and f*ck the p*ssy ravens. we dominated those f*ckin MF on the field today and they don't deserve any respect of any kind whatsoever. i hope their team plane goes down and they all burn in hell!!!!!!

i'm saying i am so damn mad right now i would drop a nuclear f*ckin bomb on the entire city of baltimore right now if it was within my power. i just hope, god i hope, some smart azz ravens jerk off runs their mouth to me. i'd absolutely love to put someone in the hospital this week.

this damn titans team should have beat those p*ssy azz MF ravens MF by 3 damn touchdowns. we absolutely dominated them!!!!! i cannot f*ckin believe this sh*t happened again. i cannot f*ckin believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! F*CK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm done with football for the season now. i hope everyone loses, dies of a horrible flesh eating disease and goes straight to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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