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My take on Cowher's out of color comment is I think Cowher just wants to maintain some control over Ben-mania, whether he's doing it because he's truly jealous or because he wants to prevent another Kordell (ego-wise), we can only speculate.

I don't think Cowher is the best with the media, but I'll take his overcontrolling versus the undercontrolling exhibited by others in the league like in Minnesota.

It was a poor answer to a poor question that was probably meant to be a softball, but I don't think there's a big hidden meaning there.

Between wanting, and settling, it's like this

Example #1: The Steelers WANTED Mark D'Onfrio

They SETTLED for Levon Kirkland.

Example #2: The Steelers WANTED Dan Morgan

They SETTLED for Casey Hampton

Example #3: The Steelers WANTED Michael Lewis, then they wanted Ryan Denny.

They SETTLED for Antwaan Randle El

Example #4: The Steelers WANTED Philip Rivers, then they wanted Deangelo Hall.

They SETTLED for Ben Roethlisberger

Sounds to me like we "SETTLED" for the right guys

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