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Default Re: Manning fan at the Giants vs. Eagles game

Originally Posted by Dr. Steel View Post
Plaxico Burress is a douche bag but the Giants did miss him today against the Eagles. Its a shame that Burress let his teammates down with his stupidity.
Yep-I myself was surprised at how the DYNAMICS of the Giants O changes completely without him.

Sure-the Giants O is run first, however...with Burress, it forces opposing D's to roll coverages at him, which all but opens up their run game b/c it takes away DC's options of playing 8 men in the box. However- now, without him, teams will stack the box, and opposing secondaries' have the luxury to press their smaller receivers and cut off their routes.

Funny how the NY media and fans are clobbering Eli, but really...when your receivers aren't able to get off the jams and run decent routes, can you really blame him?

Ultimately though-this was the Giants' coaching staff's fault b/c during the bye week, they had EXTRA time to work on beating the 8 men in the box with their other receivers.
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