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Default Re: Browns fans on suicide watch

Hmmmm, that's funny. The last time I knew, I and a lot of other Browns fans weren't really contemplating suicide.

Yes pro, we just finished a season from hell but ya know, there are many other positive things you can think about besides football. Sure, we'd LOVE to have a super bowl bound team but it just hasn't happened to us since we've been back (in 1999) and I really don't see it happening for a few more years, at least.

As far as having one of our "hated rivals" playing in the Super's the lesser of two evils to a Browns fan. We're not sure who we dislike more; Pittsburgh or Baltimore. I think as a Browns fan, I will be rooting for your Steelers. Not because I like them or anything like that. It's just that any team that has any association at all with Art Modell is a number one enemy to us.

So, as far as suicide?? Naw, you can't get rid of us that easily. We're too loyal of a fanbase to do that to ourselves.

Just my two cents worth.
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