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Default Question about crowd noise for you Steeler Fans

This is not specific to our game coming up but I am interested to see what you
folks think.

1. During the Charger game when the Steelers had possession near the goal line, I thought I saw Ben moving his arms like he was trying to get the crowd to tone it down some. Basically, to be quiet. Is this observation correct or was that for something else. It did seem to be a bit loud down there at the time from what I could hear on TV. Just curious.

2. For you folks that go to games - do you find it hard to make more noise when its absolutely freezing out. When I went to the Ravens game against the Redskins at M&T, it was one of the coldest game I ever attended. Lots of wind making the windchill about 0 degrees, maybe even colder up there in the upper sections. I found myself not being able to get loud and more trying to stay warm. I also noticed that M&T was not its usual loud self. Do you folks find the same thing to be true at your place. By the way, your new (well, fairly new) Stadium looks awsome. One of the more appealing NFL venues. Its on the top of my list to try to make a game there. I went out to Arrowhead last year and it lived up to its billing. Nice old venue.
Anyway, the questions were:
1. Was ben trying to simmer down the crowd?
2. Do you find it hard to get loud when its super cold out?
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