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Default Wanna piss off a Ravens fan?

Just remind them that thier team is the bastard child of the Cleveland Browns!

I was talking to someone who I thought was a friend of mine yesterday, and he started talking about the Ravens history. He brought up Jim Brown and Johnny Unitas!

I told him to shut the hell up. Unitas played for the Colts, all The championships and records all went with the Colts to Indianapolis. And that Jim Brown played for the Browns, who's history and records all stayed in Cleveland when the team moved and became the Baltimore Ravens.

I told him that his team isn't even 20 years old, and they really do not have a history. I then told him that the only history his team has right now is the fact that they are the bastard child of the Cleveland Browns.

He won't talk to me anymore, which really isn't that much of a loss.

Congrats to the 2009 Stanley Cup Champion Pittsburgh Penguins
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