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Default Re: Wanna piss off a Ravens fan?

Originally Posted by i82much View Post
Too bad Johnny U isn't around anymore. He'd tell you how great Peyton Manning is, and in the same breath tell you everything he ever did belongs in Baltimore.

Look dude obviously the Steelers have an awesome history, and believe it or not folks in Baltimore respect that. It's really small of you disparage other cities - I mean hey, Johnny U wouldn't do it.
Where did I disparage the city of Baltimore? Please, point that out.

I have been the Baltimore three times, I love that city. I haven't been there in years and I cannot wait to eventually go back.

I was just correcting my now I guess ex-friend about his teams history. Johnny U played for the COLTS who moved to INDIANAPOLIS with all of the COLTS records.

And Jim Brown played for the CLEVELAND BROWNS, when the team moved from CLEVELAND to BALTIMORE the history, name, and colors of the BROWNS stayed in CLEVELAND and the first year of the history of the BALTIMORE RAVENS is 1996.

The Ravens have none of the history of the Browns or the Colts in thier background. My "friend" didn't like the fact that I pointed out that his team's history is as the bastard child if the Browns.

When the Colts moved they got to take the name, colors, and history to Indianapolis. When the Browns moved they got to keep the name, colors, and history. That really does make the Ravens the bastard child if the Browns.

It's just I have seen quite a few Ravens fans, my "friend" included, who try to bring the history of two teams that are not the Ravens (Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts) into thier own teams history. I get rather sick of it.

I know Johnny U was loyal to the Ravens when they came to town, but I think he understood that his accomishments sit with the Colts. And while he may not of liked it, I think he knew that those accomplishments could not be changed because the only thing the Colts and Ravens have in common is that one played in Baltimore and one currently does.

I also think it's rather hypocritical of any Ravens fan to bitch about the Colts moving and then turn around and support the Ravens...who stole a football team from Cleveland to have one of thier own. If you support the Ravens, you shouldn't be allowed to bitch about the Colts moving to Indy.

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