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Default Re: Wanna piss off a Ravens fan?

While I respect you team's franchise and agree you have a rich tradition, please do not speak of things in Baltimore that you do not understand.

There is no self respecting Baltimore fan that would ever claim a single accomplishment of the Colts of Indiannapolis. That being said, you cannot say that we don't own the history of the games and traditions that took place while the Baltimore Colts were in existence. Because a franchise moves to another city does not take away the rich and long tradition of professional football in Baltimore. We do not claim that Peyton Manning is our savior as Indy would be stupid to claim Johnny U as theirs. What happens in Baltimore stays in Baltimore in terms of traditions and accomplishments of the team that played there.

As for the "poor Browns", I'm a bit tired of hearing it. I agree that sucked for them. And trust me, in Baltimore we ALL know how that feels! But they kept their name, colors, and EVERYTHING in addition to instantly being garunteed a new team! Baltimore did EVERYTHING to get an expansion team, but was denied by Tagliabue and Jack Kent Cook. So we resorted to the last option when Modell was looking for somewhere to go.

So do the Ravens have a long storied history in Baltimore, NO. But does Baltimore have a long storied football history, ABSOLUTELY. And you can see it everywhere in Baltimore from the stadium to the sports museum. The Baltimore Colts were and always will be part of Baltimore Football History. And if you don't believe that, I ask you would you disown Jerome Bettis as a legend of the Pittsburgh Steelers because the franchise moved to Fargo, North Dakota? I don't think so, nor would I expect you to.

So tell your Baltimore friend you understand now, or continue with your outrageous claims that the Colts history before 1983 doesn't belong to Baltimore.
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