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Originally Posted by CurtainClsr View Post

I haven't played this year's as much but last year I was up to year 10 franchise mode.

Like to play online sometime with somone, does anyone here get online much?
I used to play online a bunch on the 360. I went random team and had a real good record, something like 70 - 30 or somewhere in that range (I think) but then as the game had been out longer the quality of opponents started to drop and either I would just kill the guy and he'd quit by halftime or people would do things like put Tom Brady in for the Patriots (Even though he's "injured" you can still place him in the game and he retains his 99 overall rating) and just bomb it to Moss every game. Therefore I quit playing online... Now when play Madden I just play franchise. I find it to be more fun anyway. I love putting my philosophy onto a roster. You know what I mean? Like building a godly defense through signing huge name players and the draft. Then trying to win with second tier offensive players. Like having a Nate Washington as your number one receiver and some career backup tailback as your featured ball carrier. I don't know lol, it's just fun to do stuff like that and see which ways you can win. Or something else I want to try for my next franchise is acquiring the most beastly offensive line I could dream up and see how my offense could run with it. Some of it sounds silly but it is a heck of a lot of fun to run an NFL franchise, even if it's by yourself at home for hours a night on a video game console... lol. The off-season is always my favorite part of the year
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