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Default Re: beating the ravens 3 times

Im becoming more like a player and not listening to the media. they are itching for stories so that is all they can feed off. Obviously the colts arent in it to slob on Peytons Knob so now theyre on Joe the Monobrow Flacco. Aside from that, hes a hell of a player, but not his biggest struggles have been against the steelers.

I just like how Tomlin is keeping his team focused overall, he doesnt see it as a easy game or a omg 3rd time were gonna lose game. Both previous matchups went to the wire so it wasnt like it was a confident blowout. I think the Steelers are just as happy to but the Rats to sleep for the year as the Ravens are to get over the hump. I think Mason said it himself, it had to happen since we didnt beat this team in the regular season, so its only right we play them a third time.

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