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Default You guys are EVERYWHERE

Not complaining... just an observation. Steelers fans are flat out UNAVOIDABLE. Annoying at times, yes, but kinda cool otherwise. One caveat that I'll get to later.

Seriously, they're everywhere. My next door neighbor is from Pitts originally. Great guy. He likes to stick Steeler stuff in my mailbox to irritate me. It was a can of Iron City a few years ago. I still have that nasty thing in my fridge.

The uncool part... locals who adopt the Steelers just because. They irritate the sh*t outa me. There's Raider foster-fans, and Cowboy foster-fans too, but by far more Steelers.

You guys probably don't have that to deal with since the team has been there for so long. But here, there are weiners who have no connection to Pitts who are wannabe fans. Hate em.

Apparently other cities have this too. Even ones with temas for many years. During a trip to SD to see the Ravens my brother and some friends were catching grief because the locals thought they were locals too. They didn't figure out the car they drove on the tailgate lot was a rental with CA tags. When they realized they had come all the way from Balto they were great, but complained about the local d*ckheads who adopt other city's teams.

That's it - one prop one minor rant.
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