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Default Worst draft??? Best draft???

Spill the beans. Who had the worst and best draft....

Lions for taking Williams???

Cowboys for taking Ware???

Broncs for taking Clarret???


1)-Lions-They needed Derrick Johnson. Instead they got themselves a slot receiver. Kudos Matt Millen. Kudos

2)-Washington-WTF??? Lets draft the second 1st round QB in 3 years....Last time I checked Pat Ramsey hasnt even played 3/4 of a season but hes already classified as a bust???

3)-Texans-WHY??? Why pass up on Derrick Johnson and take Travis Johnson, who will merely be a backup if the 3-4 is run again. This guy wouldve gone late 1st round and the Texans needed a replacement for Sharper....

Best Drafts:

1)-Arizona-J.J Arrinton in round 2 is a steal by anyones standards and Antrel Rolle is a phenominal talent. Daryl Blaystock was projected as an early second round pick but went round 4. Elton Brown had let up 1 career college sack and was projected as a 1st round pick but went round 3. GENIOUS MOVES!!!

2)-Miami-Nick Saban loaded the Fins up with SEC players....His first 3 picks came outta the SEC which means he knows em.....They need a running back to replace Ricky and Ronnie Brown could be "DA MAN"
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